Unlocking equity for the next wave of NFT users

A community platform for Makers to lend and Shakers to borrow
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It’s all aboutCommunity
We are a financing platform for people. We appraise NFTs and borrowers. Providing and facilitating liquidity on fair terms so that value held in NFTs can be unlocked.
Makers (community members) provide liquidity on the same terms as us to vaults.
Shakers borrow on agreed terms with market leading arrangements that are fair to the borrower in event of non payment.


Clear Pricing. Fast terms backed by us
Aligned Fees. No upfront. We charge the Makers a % fee
Catch you if you fall. Loan extensions and surplus returned


Liquidity Provider*
High quality borrowers. We focus on the borrower to deliver better outcomes
Clearly defined terms. Each vault has clear collateral, pricing and duration
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The power of community, fairness and trust

We are moving to a world where the majority of assets are tokenized — physical, hybrid, virtual and human capital too. In short, a global tokenized economy.
At MakerShaker we are creating a financing platform focused on the community. One that provides liquidity in a fair way, directly and indirectly.
We believe the community empowerment approach will help attract a new wave of NFT users. And liquidity should be available for the new wave of tokenized assets to stimulate stronger interest from the community.
Work in progress
We're still building out our product, but you can already get involved. Swipe left to see a roadmap of the fascinating journey we'll take together.
Launch & build core community
Q3 2022
Smart contract beta version launch & 1st loans off platform
Q4 2022
Finalise V1 of RADP concept. Expand offering for Shakers & Makers
HI 2023
Beta versions of platform & our RADP contract
The journey starts here. Follow us on Twitter or join our Discord if you are interested in helping unlock equity for the next wave of NFT users.
What happens if I don’t repay on time?
Stuff happens! We want you to repay the loan on time, but if you can not or do not want to – we will not take your NFT immediately.

We will extend your loan by an agreed time frame and we will return to you any surplus over what you owe and what the NFT sells for in auction (if that becomes necessary).
I’m interested in being a Maker, what is that exactly?
A Maker is a liquidity provider. A lender. We create vaults for specific deals with clear terms. If you want to provide liquidity alongside us then register below and we will be in touch.
How and when do MakerShaker earn?
We are lenders at heart. Key team members ran a regulated lender for 7 years. We invest our own capital alongside Makers and earn interest.

We also charge a fee to liquidity providers of each vault, agreed in advance, but only due on repayment. That fee ranges from 2-5% of the total interest charged i.e. 95% of the interest goes to Makers.
How will community engagement be incentivised and rewarded?
We don’t know yet, but we are genuine in our belief that this is a fundamental aspect of our vision. We want to hear from community members what they feel that should look like in terms of roles and rewards.

We are very open. Whether that be direct financial reward, priority, discounted terms or community standing.